New to Syncycle?

Here are some guidelines to help you enjoy your best ride!


How to set up

We insist that you arrive at least 15 minutes early to make sure our team can help you settle in. You can also check out our bike setup tutorial below. Note that your bike will be reassigned 4 minutes before the session if you have not yet arrived.

If you wish to come in for a warm up before the start of your first session or for a solo training session before committing to one of our group classes, you are welcome to come up to 30 minutes before the start of a class. The cycling studio is open for you to train by yourself if you wish to do so. Please refer to opening hours for the studio access and note that a credit will be charged on your account (for every 30’ period).

What to Bring

What do I need?

Take a light sports outfit that won’t get in the way of your pedals. We suggest sports bras, shirts and leggings or shorts. We provide cycling shoes (SPD clip), towels and you can fill your bottle with filtered water on site (or buy a bottle of water).

A workout at your own pace

At your limits

We ride on the beat of loud music and each class is designed to be vigorous and raise your heart rate. The coach will boost you to push your limits, however we encourage listening to your body throughout the class and taking breaks if needed.

Setting up your bike
Syncycle_Setting up your bike_0
The saddle adjusts to hip height. Once on the bike, your legs should be slightly bent.

Syncycle’s movements


When the coach says 'right' it's your right leg that goes down. If he says 'left', your left leg goes down. It's important to follow the indicated rhythm for your legs.


Look forward, hips back, core is engaged, arms tucked close to your body, shoulders locked down and grab the handlebar lightly.


Drop your elbows towards the handlebar and support yourself by strengthening your core.


On the beat, slide your hips backward while riding out of the saddle.


Slightly bend your elbow inward to engage your obliques muscles.

Side to side

Consciously shift your shoulders from side to side.

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Some frequently asked questions
What do I need to bring?

At Syncycle, we've got you covered from head to toe—literally! We provide clip-on cycling shoes, sweat towels, bath towels, filtered water, hot showers, beauty products, hairdryers, you name it. All you need to bring is sports clothes.

Do you have lockers?

Yes we do. They are spacious and equipped with easy-to-use coding systems so no need for you to bring a lock.

Do you offer memberships?

Syncycle does not offer memberships. We offer class passes rather than monthly or yearly subscriptions to ensure flexibility. Book what you need, when you need it.

For information on our class pricing, click HERE.

Do you have house rules?

Yes we do:

1. Arrive on time.
We highly recommend you arrive 15 minutes before the start of the class. If you haven’t signed in 4 minutes before the start of your class, we may give your bike to someone else and refuse access to your class.

2. No screens.
We ride close so we can feel each other’s energy. Phones and fitness watches are not allowed during the class. We kindly ask you to leave them in your locker.

3. Front row.
Feel free to select any bike but keep in mind that bike 15, 16, 17 and 18 will serve as indicators to follow the class’ rhythm. If you wish to cycle at your own pace it is recommended to select a bike outside of this range.

4. Listen to your body.
You know your body and mind, take every class at your own advantage. If you have questions or concerns ask your coach or the staff before your ride. We will try to advise you to our best knowledge. Let’s take care of ourselves and each other.

5. Only love.
Syncycle is a safe place. Whether it is with our staff or members, we expect you to be kind and respectful with each other, at all times.
Don’t assume gender, ask and share pronouns.

Do you provide water?

Yes, we provide free filtered water, still or sparkling, suit yourself. Please bring your own reusable bottle. If you happen to forget your bottle, we sell our own branded ones too.

How long before the start of the session do I have to show up?

We recommend you arrive 15 minutes before the start of the class so that you have time to get changed and so that we are able to assist you as you enter the studio to provide support in setting-up your bike. If there are any bikes left unclaimed 4 minutes prior to the start of the class, they will be reassigned to members on the waiting list.

Are there different experience levels to your classes?

Our sessions are adapted to all levels and we will make sure that everyone, whether they are familiar with indoor cycling or not, can get the most out of the experience! We will always take the time to explain the basics (settings, hand positions etc.) at the beginning of the class.

Can I ride if I am pregnant?

Assuming you have received clearance from your doctor, indoor cycling is totally safe for pregnant women.

Can I come and train by myself?

Yes, you can access our cycling studio during our opening hours and outside our group classes to use the equipment and train by yourself. In order to access the studio, you must be in possession of a valid pack and a credit will be charged.

How long can I access the cycling studio to train by myself before a group class?

You can use our bikes and equipment for 30 minutes.

What's your cancellation policy?

Cancellations must be made via the Website or Application within maximum 6 hours before a session. If they are done outside this window, we won’t be able to return your credit.

For Starter Unlimited Pass holders: Your pass will be blocked for 7 days if 2 'late cancellations' or 'no-shows' are registered within 7 days.

For Monthly Unlimited Membership holders: A penalty of € 5 will be applied if 3 late cancellations are registered within 30 days, and € 10 for 2 no-shows over a period of 7 days.